Walking 5.5 km/h

The last time i walked from bedok to commonwealth, it took me 6 hours from 8am to 2pm, but i was’t able to calculate how fast i was walking – continuously.

I just got back from a 5 hour walking trip from harbourfront to bedok. Super aching now! This time, however, i think i can calculate a reasonable walking speed because i took a cab back to commonwealth!

While I used the slowest means to get there, I certainly took the fastest cab ever (at least for myself). It was cruising at an average of 115 km/h and at one stretch along PIE it hit 130 km/h!! The whole cab was shaking madly as the driver swirves (.. pardon the spelling) its way through. The whole time I was holding on to the seat belt, ensuring it is locked tight. Reached in less than 15 mins. the last horror of the day was the fare: $20.40, but he said, “Aiyah, 40 cents no need lah”.

With these data, I would be walking at average of 5.5 km/h.