Entering Web 2.0 world

So much for recommending web2.0 technologies to all my clients but not having the chance to seriously look into building my business around it.

By chance, I just did an in depth review on the latest applications that the web 2.0 community has been developing and realized how much it has evolve since its coming not many years ago. I must say I am totally amazed at the rate things are developing and the ever increasing ways implemented to keep people networked together to create a uniform marketplace.

The result is a whole new paradigm shift in the marketing perspective. Everything we do now is highly customer oriented and marketing needs to be focused on answering the wants of these feature-hungering people. Businesses can no longer hide negative comments from the community, instead, must learn to embrace them gracefully and work towards appeasing the users.

Gaining and an internet presence is much more easier today, the real challenge is whether or not businesses can stand up to the scrutiny of the vast community, not forgetting that it is also a breeding ground for competition.