Justify Human Existence

I cannot justify the existence of the human race.

People say it is “immoral” to kill or take life away but we have been doing so for all ages since the dawn of time. Even the life of a plant, is still life.

If we should not kill, then what justifies its survival?

Is not killing with one’s own hands, only a way to avert the emotional distress generated in our mental state? Then how can not killing be moral if it is based on a selfish motive?

Some say we do not kill, because the victim deserves to live. Then justify it!

Less accidents and natural disasters, living things are most killed by other living things mainly as a resource. But the human species, being at the top of the food chain, are resources to no other.

As a matter of fact, the people are mostly killed because someone else finds us a thorn in the eye.

All humans do is consuming resources, consume and destroy other living things.

All other living things deserve to live because they serve as resources to other species in the ecology e.g. food chain, except the human species.

“Human resource” should really be a misnomer.

Big corporations like to speak of “human resource” and how to make use of it to create more financial success. “Human resource” is one of the greatest delusion and excuse for human survival and existence. As much as we like to believe that living humans (rather than dead ones – like other dead things we consume) are resources, we are merely consumers and we deplete resources at an increasingly higher rate than before.

Let us rationalize this “financial success”.

In a profiting trade or transaction, a resource is exchanged for money. The resource is ultimately consumed, but the money is not. The resource in its manufactured form can be food, a car, furniture or a house; but in their raw form, they all stem from the basic ingredients found on earth, metals, plants, animals, fuels etc. These resources are depleted with every exchange.

Big corporations use “human resource” in more and more “efficient” ways to generate money, but at the same time, deplete resources at alarming rates. The outcome is that now we have lots of money to share and distribute, but no resources.

Now, for goodness sake, how deluded humankind is to think that “human resource” is what we think it is? The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that humankind enjoys feeding their ego.

What good is financial success and loads of paper money when there are not enough resources to exchange for?

Environmentalists like to speak of a sustainable environment. If you study about sustainable farming, you will most definitely learn that sustainability is about control and balance of the farm ecology.

Superimpose the same story on the earth ecology, it is not difficult to see that the cause of imbalance is the human species, and the mode of control is to kill and/or stop procreating. But I know, it is counter intuitive to any animal instinct and almost impossible to implement.

But know this, we are supposed to be the beings with the highest order of sentience, capable of discerning the greater purpose for the benefit of all of livingkind.

The reason why we are designated to be at the top of the food chain is because; we will and must also know sacrifice and self destruction.

Suicide, contraceptive, abortion, cigarettes, drugs, disease, weapons, hate, war are all that we have learnt to do.

I think it was back in primary school I learnt in a science class that human cells are suicidal (ref. apoptosis and paraptosis). This counter-intuitive nature of a basic living unit etched in my head forever.

Indeed, even nature teaches as that in order to sustain live, we must also learn to suicide at the same time.

It can be seen that the principles of life sustainability is not much different between cells, organisms and animals.