Do Not Fall For The Olympics Marketing Gimmicks

The Olympics has become detrimental on society as a whole. Do not fall further for its marketing gimmicks. To me, the whole idea of patriotism and representation in Olympics (as it is now) is simply dellusional. Feeling proud of winners who represent our country?

OK, Mr/Ms Athelete, so you can run 100m in 8 secs and lift a 500kg dumbell. That’s pretty impressive. So what do you do with your exceptional abilities? Does your day job involve tasks like what Spiderman and Batman undertakes? I mean, great powers come great responsibilities right? No? Yon’t use your abilities to help any one or do anything meaningful on a daily basis? So you just keep yourself locked up in training since 6 years old? Why, I have no idea why someone would push themselves to such extremes. Well, if it’s your interest and you get paid well, I’d agree, why not? What does the IOC do to limit the number of participants since I can imagine there will be a lot of eager atheletes like yourself but cannot really run as fast or lift a weight as heavy. I see, IOC is quite smart to publicise this Olympic as an event for atheletes to represent their country so that the country can do the selection for them. What if a person gets disqualified by their own country? So you say there is always the option to change citizenships? That’s not too bad at all, everyone has a chance at least, like, they can go ask [insert-country-name] if they need help.

We have a bunch of people who call themselves atheletes, for whatever reasons, most definitely their own, seek out to compete with each over over fame, glory and money. Another group of people called spectators who in reality has absolutely no connection what-so-ever, but feels obliged to cheer and support for them for strange reasons they make up themselves. The win or loss of any athelete has absolutely no bearing on the livelihood of the spectators at all, but they fight rather emotionally about it nonetheless, often dividing the world and societies more than ever.

The fact is, an athelete (as a job) doesn’t contribute to the society or the world at all. Think about the job of a javeline thrower for example, what does his primary job consitute? Throw the javeline as far as he can. So what does that achieve? Like seriously, how useful is that? Worse than mowing the lawn! There is simply nothing special to be proud of an athelete.

But of course, we are talking about the entertainment industry. Everything in the entertainment industry serves no greater purpose except to rectify the peculiar feeling of boredom humans have and push some wannabes to the top of the earners’ chart.

The unfortunate thing is that some people / country are taking it so seriously that they are spending so much on it. It’s like paying $2mil on a fighting fish just for entertainment purposes. Com’on people, wake up. Channel your resources to more meaningful places like humanitarian support, scientific research/innovation and resource sacarsity resolution.