Decolonial Aesthesis – Why will your ignorance of the fish knife cut so deep?

Problem Statement: “Why will your ignorance of the fish knife cut so deep?”

Suggested Solution: “… how to recognize the narrowness of this so-called broadened mind – to realize that Europe is not the universe – and to take your sensing and knowing beyond those dominant ideas of the true, the good, and the beautiful”.

However, there is no explicit suggestion as to why we are dominated or conlonised in the mind. I have had this discussion (with myself) in the past and I would like to offer 2 major circumstances: (1) the human lineage and evolution of civilations provided the western world a headstart relative to the rest of the continents. (2) Information control and language barriers in the east.

I think it would be easy for anyone to expound on these premises so I shall just say that the conclusion is that we are merely adapting to the information presented to us. Fortunately, we can see that the east is starting to open up in recent years and determined to spread its culture throughout the world. Lately, we can see comments like “…[someone did something amazing] because he is an Asian…”, so I believe the west have also started to take an interest in the east with less prejudice. Of course, this involves broadening our narrow minds to become more accepting towards different cultures.

In response to [Walter Mignolo] Decolonial Aesthesis: From Singapore, To Cambridge, To Duke University