Who are you?

Jake See is the thinker, philosopher and a source of new perspectives, and sometimes controversies, for his family and people around him. He enjoys challenging norms and conventional wisdom, usually by provoking others to share their thoughts and confuse them with profound logic.

I Love Jake

Jake is always interested in finding out more of everything in and out of this world and believes that it is an important pre-requisite to progress leaps and bounds in personal development. Due to this obsession, he can often be seen alone at this work table studying or doing research. He interprets and finds new philosophies in the strangest ways you can imagine, and maintains that there always new things to uncover even in small talks.

Jake tends to be preachy most of the time when giving advice, but he likes to reminds others “Remember what I say, but don’t believe me. Seek the truth on your own.” He has a ton of idiosyncratic quotes that he throws around at times, and people who are close to him can corroborate the existence of an imaginary kokboonism bible. This blog title T.H.I.N.K. (That’s How I Naturally Know) is a testament to his knack at inventing phrases.

What do you do?

Jake currently earn his living as an IT Professional, juggling both technical and business aspects of his trade as an employee and freelancer. He has more than 16 years of experience in Business Analysis, Software Engineering, Project Management and Business Development. Throughout his career, he has contributed in various aspects of business operations and process management in organisations by developing new products and systems. His extensive hands-on technical knowledge is invaluable for bridging the gap between the technical team and business end users, translating technical jargon and business requirements in an accurate and precise manner.

What is “I ♥ Jake”? Are you narcissistic?

It’s actually spoof of the local money lending service under GE Money, of which they had a massive advertising campaign where you can see billboards writing “I Love James” all around. As an expression of love for his wife, Jake decided to recreate the money lending service under his name to show that the couple is now one in the spirit of “Your money is my money”. It has since become the default online profile picture for Jake.

GE Money - I Love James

Warning and Disclaimer

While reading this blog and website, you may come across many radical commentary and unconventional assertions that you may feel uncomfortable with. While I am the sole writer of this blog, the content and messages do not necessarily represent my actual standpoint, they are merely perspectives that may be plausible and are written here to share and provoke critical thoughts that challenge conventional wisdom on various issues. I argue with myself a lot and this blog is my monologue.