Hidden Feature: Outlook Search using Query Builder

Ever wish there was a way to create better search folders within Microsoft Outlook to manage your emails? Microsoft has hidden a powerful search feature – the Query Builder – in the registry since Outlook 2010. We can enable it by the steps below:

Antivirus Comparison

AV Comparatives provides yearly reviews and tests on major anti virus software products to provide consumers an indication of their effectiveness against various threats.

Microsoft Outlook Indexing Troubleshooting

When indexing in Microsoft Outlook never completes and keeps restarting on every session, there may be a problem with the indexing service or the Outlook data file may be corrupted. There are a few things to do to troubleshoot and find out where the problem is.

What Is CPF, CPF Minimum Sum And CPF Life

How CPF came about The CPF was introduced at the time when most employees in Singapore, except those working in the civil service or in some of the larger companies, were not provided with any form of retirement benefits from their employers. As a result, these workers had to depend on their personal savings or […]

C# TcpClient and NetworkStream usage behaviour

It can be confusing at first when developing an application that employs TCP connection implementation of TcpClient, TcpListener and the underlying NetworkStream, because the way data is sent and read may not be what you think it is and the MSDN is not very explicit regarding how it actually works, leaving the developers to fall […]

Online Words Hurt, So What?

If you consider this as undermining of freedom of individual expression, well, yes. If you see it in another way, such governance / constraints also offer basic protection of someone else’ right to live or speak freely (without being verbally/emotionally abused) – Ong Yujing

What Is Node.js

If you are totally confused by the description of Node.js on their very own website, you are not alone. To bring back your sanity, first of all, you need to unlearn Node.js:. 1. Node.js has nothing to do with JavaScript. 2. Node.js has nothing to do with web servers, HTTP, web pages, web applications.

Manually Configure Office 365 in Outlook

With the new OWA, the “pod” address for the mailbox server no longer appear in the URL. An autodiscover configuration will reveal that accounts now use some sort of [guid]@domain.com for the server. This post will explain how to get the server for your account.

Free Float vs Total Float

In a project activity network diagram, the formula for float (or slack) of an activity (there is no float of project) is extremely simple, yet I have trouble recalling whenever I need them. The names “Total Float” and “Free Float” can be very misleading themselves, and doesn’t tell much of what it really means. So […]