IEumerable cannot be used as a single object datasource

In the case of binding a an object and its property to, say, a control using the feature will always work except when myObject is of the IEnumerable type. Once that happens, the data binding architecture will attempt to use the list of objects returned by the Enumerator for updating of UI and data source, […]

ObjectGridView – An easier way to use DataGridView

With a project that I am currently working on, I frequently need to display object information in a DataGridView. However, the values that needs to be displayed does not always directly belong to the bounded objects, instead, it is often a value related to the objects. Furthermore the DataGridView only accepts an IList of objects […]

C# Lambda Operator =>

Using a constructor as a delegate: if follows that this allows for C# generics to enable parameterized constructor of type T to be called within the generic class, thus bypassing the constraints. Normally, one would delcare but if T does not have a parameterless constructor, then we can and we invoke it by calling

Staying Focused with FocusManager

It just so easy to take things for granted that never would I know that implementing a correct tab order or tab loop for a form can be so mind wrenching. I am totally upset that the Flash authors have to make this so difficult for me. Posted in serveral forums regarding FocusManager and tab […]

AS3 passing argument list to functions

It appears that argument list passing is not very well documented in the flash docs for whatever reason. But we know it is possible because the trace() funcion is one such function that accepts an argument list. the syntax for such a function is acheived by using the tripledot keyword as such Also, intuitively, argument […]

Firefox Flash height:100% DocType bug

As much as some FF fanboy is going to defend and deny, and putting the blame on the coder, this is still going to be a BUG! When an HTML document includes the doctype declaration at the top of the page, the swf embeded in the document will not render properly when the its height […]

C# Mixins with Interfaces and Extension Methods

This is my first post on C#. Funny why I cannot create “C#” category, have to use “C Sharp” instead. Wells… Following up on my previous discussion about C++ Mixins, I went on to see if C# was able to do it as well. I then realized that this capability has been sitting in my […]

C++ Mixins, A Powerful Concept

I just came across a very interesting concept, and imo, quite powerful. Unfortunately, I currently only knows that it works on C++ using my VS2008. I find it even more amazing that this concept stems from ice cream toppings, that is according to wikipedia and some other coherent sources. One customer enters the ice cream […]