:hover not allowed in IE other than on anchors

The CSS :hover event is only supported for the anchor element <a> and hence to simulate the correct :hover behavior for other elements such as td:hover, we need a javascript hack. The idea is to change the class of the hoverable element so that the CSS can be applied to the class i.e. td.hoverable. To […]

cmps usage

A little bit of ASM and it’s 3.42 am now. What a waste of life! But anyways, I am currently working on a mini project on username and password authentication. This is the hardest login form I have ever made! I am constantly looking for higher level instructions to use to simplify my code, and one of them I happen to come across is a string comparison instruction, CMPS.

centering divs with css

In designing layouts with CSS for web pages, centering divs is a very common problem that I cme across almost all the time. And the reason for this is that IE7 does not confirm to the width attribute standards.

Animated Joint Movements

Not too long ago, as I was looking up the internet for interesting game concepts, I stumbled across this amazing game and was immediately blown away by it’s level of detail and interaction. It was so much for a flash game that I thought if if wasn’t as popularly rated as it is now, it would be a complete devastation for the game developers.

One of the interesting dynamics introduced in the game is the movements of the people. They are really just for eye candy but I thought they are completely essential to bring the game to life. I decided to take a closer look at each of the characters, take them apart and try to replicate them. This is what I got…

Facebook Datastore API

This very first post will be dedicated to Facebook, as it is also the reason why this blog is started. I finally felt the need to document all my findings in a central location so that I do not need to rely on badly written wikis anymore. The facebook developer wiki is one such disaster.