What Is CPF, CPF Minimum Sum And CPF Life

How CPF came about The CPF was introduced at the time when most employees in Singapore, except those working in the civil service or in some of the larger companies, were not provided with any form of retirement benefits from their employers. As a result, these workers had to depend on their personal savings or […]

Compilation and List of Superhumans

I often theorize that we are all biologically different from each other since if natural selection and evolution were to occur, we need to to be born different. Due to this differences, there is really no absolute normality, we are all abnormal relatively to each other. Some abnormalites we call them disease and disabilities, while […]

Thought is a creative process

Rob has a secret letter for Sally. In order not to give the suspicious delivery man, Tory, any chance at reading its content, Rob puts the letter in a specially created rigid steel box and locks it with an unbreakable lock. How can Sally get the secret letter without using Rob’s key or damaging the steel box or the lock?

Entering Web 2.0 world

So much for recommending web2.0 technologies to all my clients but not having the chance to seriously look into building my business around it. By chance, I just did an in depth review on the latest applications that the web 2.0 community has been developing and realized how much it has evolve since its coming […]

Free Dueter Styled Bags To Give Away

My father works in a bag manufacturing company and brings home completed bag samples everytime he comes back from Mynmar. I have so many bags tucked everywhere and I can’t bear to throw them away.¬†If anyone or anyone knows anyone¬†wants free bags, please tell me.

Walking 5.5 km/h

I just got back from a 5 hour walking trip from harbourfront to bedok. Super aching now! This time, however, i think i can calculate a reasonable walking speed because i took a cab back to commonwealth!

Can I Be Deviod Of Emotions?

L’s beloved auntie was lying on the bed, supported only by an air compressor unit that helps her breathe her last breaths. Every breath she took was accompanied by a loud gasp. People have come to see her last moments, quietly anticipating her passing without anything that we can do to make it less painful […]