What Is Your Ultimate Learn-A-Skill Method?

In general, there are 3 parts to effective self-learning: (1) The process, (2) approach, (3) Personality. My personal ultimate turns out to be is a combination all the theoretical models applied to practical daily use depending on the type of skill that I am learning, e.g. learning to do programming will be very different from […]

Free Float vs Total Float

In a project activity network diagram, the formula for float (or slack) of an activity (there is no float of project) is extremely simple, yet I have trouble recalling whenever I need them. The names “Total Float” and “Free Float” can be very misleading themselves, and doesn’t tell much of what it really means. So […]

Online Inventory Count For Over Ordering

The only way to prevent over-ordering is to lock all stocks at the moment they are added to cart. This is analogous to the real world when in a supermarket where the groceries are “deducted” from the shelves when they are “added” to the real shopping cart. However, when customers in the supermarket decides not […]