DFS Management Using dfsrdiag Command Line Tool

DFS replication may suddenly not work as expected and you need some ways to check its status and to further fix it if possible. dfsrdiag is a diagnostic tool that can be run on the DFS server to help give diagnostic information. dfsrdiag ReplicationState will give you the current file replication status. dfsrdiag Backlog gives […]

SUBST command line tool to shorten file paths

The shadow copy service provides snapshots of the file volumes but appends a time stamp in the path. This may cause the resulting path to be longer than the system can handle. In order to copy files from the shadow copy “previous versions”, you need to shorten the path name. The SUBST command line tool […]

Remote Desktop full screen mode not working in secondary monitor

To make remote desktop to go full screen on a secondary monitor, the remote desktop connection dialog should be placed over the secondary monitor and the the tab page for display under advance settings should be made active. When active, the tab page detects the screen resoultion of the monitor it is current placed over […]

PTR, rDNS, SPF, DKIM, DomainKeys and SMTP set up for sending emails

The DNS records related to sending emails has to be set correctly according to prevailing standards otherwise you will get into various non-delivery issues. PTR and rDNS When the sender server (S) email arrives at the recipient server (R), R will do a rDNS check and this sequence of events will happen: R will check […]

Understanding Quantum Computation Part 1

Information Processing A physical system is in a way corresponding to a computation machine. The computer (physical system) takes and input (initial state), put it through an algorithm (laws of physics) and produces and output (final state). Where that initial and final states are useful, we can call it information. The Experiment In classical physics, […]

How software piracy can actually be a boon

Most statistics against software piracy assumes that each pirated software equals one lost sale, and goes on to further “estimate” the total number of illegal duplicates. The total lost is often cited as 200 billion per year at least. But this methodology is questionable. 1. There are many copies of illegal software used by people […]

Theory of Special Relativity

After the series of very interesting lectures on Nueral Networks, I just suddenly revived my interests in physics. Just a few years back, probably during army days, I was reading on all these things about relativity and seriously, I could hardly understand any of it all. Somehow, after going through university, everything seems crystal clear […]