Gantt Chart Control  1.3
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  oCChartGantt Chart control
  oCTaskFormatFormat for painting tasks
  oCRelationFormatFormat for painting relations
  oCHeaderFormatFormat for painting chart header
  oCTaskMouseEventArgsProvides data for TaskMouseEvent
  oCTaskDragDropEventArgsProvides data for TaskDragDropEvent
  oCChartPaintEventArgsProvides data for ChartPaintEvent
  oCHeaderPaintEventArgsProvides data for ChartPaintEvent
  oCTaskPaintEventArgsProvides data for TaskPaintEvent
  oCRelationPaintEventArgsProvides data for RelationPaintEvent
  oCChartInfoProvides information about the chart at a specific row and date/time.
  oCTaskPassive data class holding schedule information
  oCIProjectManager< T, R >ProjectManager interface
  oCProjectManagerWrapper ProjectManager class
  oCProjectManager< T, R >Concrete ProjectManager class for the IProjectManager interface
  oCIViewportIViewport moves in world coordinate and projects models to device coordinate space
  oCPrintViewportIViewport for printing to file
  oCControlViewportAn IViewport that is placed over a world coordinate system and provides methods to transform between world and view coordinates
  \CImageViewportIViewport for printing to image. The full chart in the world is printed as-is.