That's How I Naturally Know

Jake See

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Animated Joint Movements

Not too long ago, as I was looking up the internet for interesting game concepts, I stumbled across this amazing game and was immediately blown away by it’s level of detail and interaction. It was so much for a flash game that I thought if if wasn’t as popularly rated as it is now, it would be a complete devastation for the game developers.

One of the interesting dynamics introduced in the game is the movements of the people. They are really just for eye candy but I thought they are completely essential to bring the game to life. I decided to take a closer look at each of the characters, take them apart and try to replicate them. This is what I got…

The New Facebook

Everybody is talking about the new facebook now. I quickly got into some love-hate relationship with it. The day when it was launched it caused so much trouble that they had to revert back to the old interface. I think it is still not clear when they are going to bring back the new version. And it would be so difficult for us to plan for both the old and new features in our upcoming apps…

The Unintended Benefit

I always knew there is something I call the “unintended benefit”, that is a consequence of how we engage certain problems in our daily living. It’s unintended because you never meant to get that benefit but you get it anyway just because you did something to an unrelated problem.

To be unintended, it has to be unforseened as well, and most usually the benefit will go unnoticed as well, until you finally realise it. That is why it’s quite hard for me to think of actual examples to tell. However, I manage to catch 2 of these situation just before the benefit is realised…

Facebook Datastore API

This very first post will be dedicated to Facebook, as it is also the reason why this blog is started. I finally felt the need to document all my findings in a central location so that I do not need to rely on badly written wikis anymore. The facebook developer wiki is one such disaster.