Flash Player 10 Loader.unloadAndStop()

One of the biggest problem with Flash Player 9 AS3 is that it doesn’t take initiative in cleaning up its mess and you always have to tell it what to do and even so, they do not do it promptly. If the mess doesn’t affect us, we can easy just turn a blind eye to […]

Staying Focused with FocusManager

It just so easy to take things for granted that never would I know that implementing a correct tab order or tab loop for a form can be so mind wrenching. I am totally upset that the Flash authors have to make this so difficult for me. Posted in serveral forums regarding FocusManager and tab […]

AS3 passing argument list to functions

It appears that argument list passing is not very well documented in the flash docs for whatever reason. But we know it is possible because the trace() funcion is one such function that accepts an argument list. the syntax for such a function is acheived by using the tripledot keyword as such Also, intuitively, argument […]