C# TcpClient and NetworkStream usage behaviour

It can be confusing at first when developing an application that employs TCP connection implementation of TcpClient, TcpListener and the underlying NetworkStream, because the way data is sent and read may not be what you think it is and the MSDN is not very explicit regarding how it actually works, leaving the developers to fall […]

One-to-many mappings

A lot of times I had to look for a data structure to store one to many relationships such as a list of products keyed by their categories. I remember the last time I coded in C++ I used a whole lot of std::multimap to do just this. With C#, there isn’t such a container. […]

C++ Mixins, A Powerful Concept

I just came across a very interesting concept, and imo, quite powerful. Unfortunately, I currently only knows that it works on C++ using my VS2008. I find it even more amazing that this concept stems from ice cream toppings, that is according to wikipedia and some other coherent sources. One customer enters the ice cream […]