Ethics of War

Ethics of War is indeed an interesting area of study to delve into, especially we could be transcending beyond the business and politics of war into the more basic forms of survival competition and cooperation behaviors to understand why something as abstract as ethics even exists in the first place.

Online Words Hurt, So What?

If you consider this as undermining of freedom of individual expression, well, yes. If you see it in another way, such governance / constraints also offer basic protection of someone else’ right to live or speak freely (without being verbally/emotionally abused) – Ong Yujing

Do Not Fall For The Olympics Marketing Gimmicks

The Olympics has become detrimental on society as a whole. Do not fall further for its marketing gimmicks. To me, the whole idea of patriotism and representation in Olympics (as it is now) is simply dellusional. Feeling proud of winners who represent our country?

What Should We Do With The Disabled?

In a much bigger picture, various bad things happen to people all over the world and all the time. There is no need to specially pick out one bad thing and apply special consideration and treatment while demeaning the rest of the problems that happen to people on a regular basis.