Remote Desktop full screen mode not working in secondary monitor

To make remote desktop to go full screen on a secondary monitor, the remote desktop connection dialog should be placed over the secondary monitor and the the tab page for display under advance settings should be made active. When active, the tab page detects the screen resoultion of the monitor it is current placed over […]

PTR, rDNS, SPF, DKIM, DomainKeys and SMTP set up for sending emails

The DNS records related to sending emails has to be set correctly according to prevailing standards otherwise you will get into various non-delivery issues. PTR and rDNS When the sender server (S) email arrives at the recipient server (R), R will do a rDNS check and this sequence of events will happen: R will check […]

Windows Host File

There is a forgotten file¬†in¬†Windows (Vista) known as a host file and resides in the depths of C Drive at c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc. The host file has got no file extension but its an ascii file so you can open it in notepad and start editing it because it allows you to rewrite the IPs of hosts […]

How to Access Recovery Partitions

Acer laptops (I believe all) comes loaded with a hidden recovery partition in the hard disk. To boot from this partition, simply press ALT+F10 (at least for the Aspire series) at the “boot up” screen where it says press F2 to enter settings.

Adware:win32/rugo – malware removal walkthrough

Lesson #1. Never judge a file by its icon. I was mislead to believe it was an installation exe because of the icon image. I should have been more careful. First day of chinese new year and my itchy fingers got myself into some really serious trouble: I saw a mysterious “installation” exe in my […]