Hosting WCF In IIS7 With Multiple Website Bindings

In IIS7 (should be similar in IIS6 as well) Manager, you can create a website under Sites with multiple Bindings so that the website root can be accessed by different combinations of host name, IP and port etc. However, if you have a WCF service that you intend to host in this website, there are […]

WCF Tutorial: WCF Service with Windows Service (Part 3 of 3)

Just a stub Creating Service Contract Creating DataContract Creating FaultContract Creating Windows Service Host Creating Proxy Creating Client Creating app.config with WCF config Editor in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Installing/Uninstalling/Starting/Stopping Windows Service Host with sc.exe Use client to connect proxy to host, and consuming services. Programatically configure service and proxy using and without using app.config […]

WCF Tutorial: WCF Overview (part 1 of 3)

Just a stub first: WCF is Windows Communications Foundation By default, it sends message using SOAP protocol by serializing data structures into XML. For serialization, it specifies the DataContract and DataMember attributes. For Interface programming, it specifies the ServiceContract and OperationContract attributes. For Error and Exception handling, it specifies the FaultContract attribute. Language agnostic (the […]